FluxSys team benchmark BMW iX e-machine

FluxSys BMW eesm motor

In response to a dramatic upsurge in industry interest in EESM (Electrically Excited Synchronous Motor) technology, FluxSys completed our latest detailed e-machine benchmark study: the BMW iX EESM.

EESMs (Electrically Excited Synchronous Machine) are of great interest as they are well suited to EV traction applications in many ways whilst avoiding the cost and environmental implications of rare-earth permanent magnets. Additionally they offer particular control freedoms and safety management advantages compared to permanent magnet drivetrains.

As motor and e-drive experts, FluxSys applies its broad knowledge to the forensic study of recently-launched targeted electric drivetrains – our previous studies have included EESM, IPM (Interior Permanent Magnet) and induction motors such as Renault Zoe, VW iD3, and Audi e-tron respectively.

Benchmarking activities typically involve careful and critical measurement, photography and recording of e-machine electromagnetic parameters and attributes including geometry, windings, construction, key materials, etc. This allows us to build and calibrate detailed electromagnetic models in Ansys MotorCAD to provide our e-machine specialist clients the in-depth data and understanding needed to inform their own e-machine developments.

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