CPD accredited in-house and public courses & workshops

  • 2-day “Advanced Introduction to Electric Drives” course
  • In-person with hands-on demonstrations to reinforce learning
  • Online video delivery coming soon, with printed notes and q&a tutorial support

DriveLAB benchtop teaching system

  • Modular safe benchtop electric drive teaching system
  • Electric machines, power electronics and control designed from the ground up to support learning outcomes for a wide variety of learners
  • All major machine technologies covered, including SPM, IPM, SR, SynRel, ACI

Delivering industrial lectures at universities and conferences

  • University industrial lectures

Helping to encourage, motivate and retrain the future generation of electrical and electronic engineers

  • School and STEM event outreach activities
  • Conferences & engineering institution seminars

In-company graduate training & mentoring

  • Bridges the gap between university and industry
  • Accelerates the graduate to full productivity
  • Reduces host company senior engineer time to integrate them
  • Graduate learns while doing host company tasks

Helping clients to establish and develop their own indigenous capabilities

  • Investment planning
  • Identification & development of suitable candidates
  • Training & development
  • Development of infrastructure and processes

Tailored training course and workshop development and delivery

  • Please drop us a line if you have any specific requirements or suggestions for courses, workshops or seminars
  • If it is within our expertise and experience then we can probably help!